Agri-Food-week (22-24 juni) tijdens “TeamNL Tokyo Expo”

Zes weken voor de start van de Olympische spelen starten NOC*NSF, Papendal, en de Nederlandse ambassade in Tokio de TeamNL Tokyo Expo, een digitaal platform om Nederland, en samenwerking van bedrijven te promoten, gericht op de Nexus Food-Water-Energy. Van 22-24 juni vindt hierbinnen de Agri-Food-week plaats met activiteiten op het terrein van functional food, Sport&Nutrition, gezondheid en smart agriculture. Organisatoren zijn Food Valley, OostNL, RVO, WUR en de Nederlandse ambassade in Tokio.

In the run-up to the Olympic Games, Dutch innovations in the field of the Nexus Food-Water-Energy, High-Tech, and Vitality will have the opportunity to present themselves online to the Japanese business community in the special Rangaku* edition of the TeamNL Tokyo Expo. In the Agri-Food-week of 21 June several activities will be organised in the field of personalized food and sport, agri-tech, robotization and AI in connection to precision farming. The Agri-Food-Week is part of the Team-NL Tokyo Expo, which offers a platform where Dutch companies, social entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes can meet up with their Japanese counterparts in a unique setting to explore opportunities for cooperation. The activities will consist of matching events, online presentations, and information on the Dutch athletes. Monday 7 June the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Sigrid Kaag, had officially opened the Team-NL Tokyo Expo platform.

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Rangaku Now

The Rangaku-website which goes live on 14 June, pays hommage to the special relationship between Japan and the Netherland during the Edo period when the Netherlands inspired Japan through introducing western science, medicine and technology. The Netherlands boosted innovation in Japan. Via Deshima the Netherlands introduced in Japan food products, like potatoes, coffee, beer, chocolate and tomatoes.

Innovation Parade: robots and AI in the dairy and greenhouse sector

The Innovation Parade is a digital presentation of products, processes and services, which were born from the collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands. The innovation driven collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands is told by presenting them as a virtual pop-up book. The Innovation Parade will inspire further innovative tie-ups between the two countries. Several Dutch-Japanese examples of successful dairy and greenhouse technology projects are displayed.

Online company tour: "Robotics and AI for data-driven horticulture and agriculture" (Tuesday 22 June)

On 22 June 2021 the East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL), will organize a smart agriculture webinar “Robotics & AI for data-driven horticulture and agriculture”. Partners: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan,the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Through online visits to companies that are active at the forefront of smart agriculture, we will provides an overview of agritech innovations developed and actually applied in the Netherlands. We will mainly discuss technologies and applications in the fields of greenhouse horticulture and open field farming. Program and Registration: click here

Webinar: personalized Nutrition as a Driver of Sport Success (Thursday 24 June)

On 24 June 2021, Foodvalley NL will organize in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy an online meeting on "Personalized Nutrition as a Driver of Sport Success". During the program, the relevance and opportunities of personalized nutrition will be highlighted. The online event is designed to provide inspiration, initiate connections and to facilitate international collaboration between Dutch and Japanese businesses on the topic of Personalized Nutrition with a focus on Sports and Nutrition. Ageing populations and the need for healthy nutrition are common challenges for both countries. In a closing interview, Dutch and Japanese elite athletes, Mr. Mark Huizinga, Olympic Judo Champion, teacher and examinator at International Judo Federation Academy and Mr. Mike Havenaar, former football player of the Japanese national team, ADO and Vitesse, will provide their insights on the topic and on Japanese and Dutch collaboration. Check out the full program and Registration here.


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