The Netherlands supports Vietnam in post-harvest loss reduction

Development of post-harvest technologies, processing technologies has been acknowledged as the gate to add values, to improve quality and competitiveness of agro-products contributing to the agro-restructuring course, especially in the context of Vietnam’s ambition to be in the top 10 of countries with global agro-processing and logistics, top 15 of countries with advanced agriculture by 2030. Being the Strategic Partner of Vietnam in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, the Netherlands can play the role in helping Vietnam to reduce post-harvest loss in food supply chain by applying the right technologies.

Mango processing
Beeld: ©Danh Lam (VNA/VNS)


Late February 2021, the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved the Agricultural Restructuring Plan for the period 2021-2025. Accordingly the agriculture of Vietnam is expected to continue the course of restructuring in the manner of sustainable development, improving quality, added values and competitiveness of agro-products; environmental and ecological protection; rural income increase; food security and defense assurance; to further develop modern, safe and organic agriculture, associating with agro-processing development, climate adaptation and sustainable connection with global value chain.

Concrete target by 2025 is to have 30% agro-products to be produced under cooperatives and value chain cooperation; 25% under GAP production and 20% under high tech application. Labor involved in agriculture to be reduced to 25%.

Mid March 2021, the Prime Minister approved a project to develop the fruits and vegetables processing for 2021 – 2030 targeting to attract investment in 50-60 fruits and vegetables processing establishments. Building processing and packaging facilities, storage and warehouses, installing suitable equipment for post harvest loss reduction will be among focus of the program.

Obviously, there is a long way to go and a lot to be done in realizing these targets, looking back at the current status that less than 10% of agro produces annually (fruits, vegetables, meat) are for processing. Majority of agro produces for export are in fresh or as raw materials. Processed fruits and vegetables for export account less than 19% of total export. In general, limited level of mechanism, automation in agriculture, in addition to low productivity, agro-logistics makes it high in terms of production price and post-harvest loss.

Our activities

Netherlands being the strategic partner of Vietnam in sustainable agriculture and food security continues its cooperation to support Vietnam realizing her ambition and promotes bilateral trade for mutual benefits. Post-Harvest Loss Reduction project is one among those under the Strategic Partnership Arrangement  of Vietnam and the Netherlands that addresses post-harvest losses in food supply chain.

In this cooperation, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (WFBR) teaming up with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Viet Nam, through a 5-step Action Plan to produce an implementable policy on Food Loss and Waster in Vietnam. Hotspots in fresh fruit and vegetable supply value chain both in Mekong river delta and Red river delta shall be identified with the most likely root causes to be pinpointed for analysis of the most suitable interventions for post-harvest loss reduction as well as potential opportunities for the Dutch and Vietnamese private sector engagement, accordingly.

In an effort to facilitate private sector to continue trade despite travel restriction and disruption due to covid time, a virtual trade mission from the Netherlands to 5 ASEAN countries has been organized as an innovative way to Dutch businesses in 5 markets in the region with highlights of food-feed ingredients, post-harvest technology and inclusive approach for Mekong delta in Vietnam.

The webinar on post-harvest was well participated in terms of quantity and quality of speakers as well as participants. Through various presentation, panel discussion as well as topical discussion, the overall challenges of the agro food production in ASEAN 5 from the angle of post-harvest were presented, for which selected technology and knowledge on post-harvest from the Netherlands can be offered. Private sector entities like Broekman Logistics, TTA, Omnivent, Icologiq, Kloosterboer Cool Port Rotterdam, Lentiz, RBK, WUR, HAS, Larive were among those who had chance to present themselves or to match with potential local partners in 5 ASEAN countries through either the webinar or business match-making event.

Further follow up will continue in 2021 not only for the mentioned above, but also for anyone interested in Vietnamese market.

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