Rules on welfare of farmed animals approved in Ukraine

Ukraine's economy ministry approves rules on welfare of farmed animals


KYIV. Feb 22 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has registered an order of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture approving the minimum allowable requirements for the welfare of animals kept for farming purposes, the ministry has said on the website.

"This document is another step on the path to our European integration. The requirements of five acts of EU law will be implemented in Ukrainian legislation," Deputy Minister of Economy Serhiy Hlushchenko said.

According to him, the EU regulates the welfare of animals kept for farming purposes, standards for their transport and conditions at the time of slaughter. Hlushchenko said that after the implementation of European rules for keeping farmed animals, Ukraine will develop rules in the two remaining areas.

The document regulates the space for keeping various species of farmed animals, sets standards for their inspection, veterinary care, provision of drinking water and feed, sets requirements for premises and safety of materials to be used for the construction of accommodation for animals.

According to the Economy Ministry, these rules will apply to all types of farmed animals. The order also sets special (additional) requirements for the welfare of pigs, calves, laying hens and broilers.