The Netherlands is investor number one in Kazakhstan

According to Khabar 24, TV Channel of Kazakhstan, bilateral trade between two countries for only 3 quarters of the last year totaled more than 4 billion US dollars. Over the past 15 years of economic partnership, the inflow of direct investment from the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Kazakhstan has exceeded $ 90 billion.

In September, the Netherlands-Kazakhstan Business Association resumed its work in The Hague. At the first meeting of the bilateral economic association this year, businessmen and diplomats checked the cooperation plans for this year. Kazakhstan exports to the Netherlands crude oil and petroleum products, ferroalloys, titanium and its products. It imports, on the other hand, medicines, machinery and equipment, high-tech devices and devices, and agricultural products.

Nowdays, over 800 joint ventures operate in Kazakhstan. Last fall, during the visit of Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin to the Netherlands, new horizons of trade and economic cooperation were discussed.

Relation Netherlands-Kazahstan
Magzhan Ilyasov

Magzhan Ilyasov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Netherlands:  “The emphasis was placed on the development of trade in non-oil fields - agriculture, transport, logistics, information technology. The idea of today's event was to invite for cooperation in precisely these areas. Therefore, Dutch businessmen who came here are interested in working in areas that are new to them, there is a vivid interest, many questions were asked.”

Relation Netherlands-Kazahstan
Andre Carstens

Andre Carstens, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Kazakhstan: “Our cooperation is already very close, and we already have a significant position, but, in my opinion,  this is just the beginning. It is very important in the field of agriculture, for example, and at the same time in the development of such types of energy as solar and wind. The Netherlands is the largest investor in the economy of Kazakhstan. Dutch companies have been operating in our country since the first years of independence. Today's investors are increasingly interested in working with local partners.

Relation Netherlands-Kazahstan

Dirk Aleven, Head of Green Capital Kazakhstan, co-chairman of the Netherlands-Kazakhstan Business Association:  “We started investing in Aktobe in 2017, invested 30 million euros in the economy of this region. We plan to invest the same amount next two years. We want to stay in this region for the next 10-20 years, and we have no reason to leave Kazakhstan. In Aktobe there is a sufficient amount of natural gas, good business opportunities, proximity to the Russian market and a favorable climate for greenhouse business: it is cold, but there are many sunny days in the year. The Netherlands is the logistic port of Europe. Kazakhstan is becoming the transport hub of Central Asia. This provides great opportunities for close cooperation. Nowdays, more than 60 large Dutch companies are represented in Kazakhstan. Most of them are joint ventures, since cooperation with local partners always gives the best result.”

Henk Niebuhr, co-chairman of the Dutch-Kazakh business association:  “Kazakhstan has five priorities for economic development, one of which is the development of the agricultural sector. The Netherlands is the second exporter of agricultural products in the world, we have very productive agriculture, and there are many investors in this field who want to expand and work abroad. Using their technologies, Kazakhstan can become a global producer of agricultural products. In February, a conference will be held in Rotterdam on the presentation of the energy capabilities of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where representatives of relevant ministries and businesses of two Central Asian republics and the Netherlands will discuss prospects for further investment cooperation.