Meet the Dutch in Irapuato, Mexico

The 23rd edition of the most important Agro-Food event in Latin America, The Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato, takes place from Tuesday November 13th to Friday November 16th in Irapuato (Mexico). Will you be there? The Dutch will!!

The Expo AgroAlimentaria

 The Expo has 1,300 exhibitor spaces and a total surface of more than 630 thousand square meters. About 120.000 visitors are expected. The Expo is divided in an indoor and an outdoor area.

Holland pavilion
This year the Holland pavilion has grown (again) and is bigger than ever before. With 32 spaces it is the biggest international pavilion at the Expo, and can be found in the indoor area. Visit the Holland pavilion, have interesting and useful conversations with the representatives of the different companies and the agriculture team of the Dutch embassy in Mexico.

The companies which are part of the pavilion are:

DQ Horti Soluciones (Stand 609)     

PRIVA América Latina (Stands 610 – 638)  

Sion Young Plants (Stand 637)

Dunlop Protective Footwear (Stand 709)

Gakon Horticultural Projects (Stands 710 – 738)

Ornamental Growers Group (Stand 737)

Embajada del Reino de los Países Bajos (Stand 809)

Van der Knaap – Forteco (Stand 810)

Plantanova (Stand 837)

Cultilene (Stand 838)

Horticonnect (Stand 909 – 910)

Hoogendoorn America Inc. (Stand 937 – 938)

Anthura (Stand 1009 – 1037)

VB Group (Stand 1010)

Dümmen Orange (Stand 1038)

Royal Brinkman México (Stands 1109 – 1110 – 1138)

Compañía de Servicios Control Unión De México (Stand 1137)

Ridder Group    (Stands 1111 – 1139)

Aweta Americas (Stands 1207 – 1208 – 1233 – 1234)

The Greenery (Stand 1208)

Patron Agri Systems International (Stand 1209)

PlantFactory (Stand 1210)

 Seminar Thursday November 15th

Visit the seminar the Dutch embassy and the Mexican organization for protected horticulture (AMHPAC) organize on Thursday November 15th as well ( Salón de Conferencias “B” - 12:00 to 15:00). During the seminar “Innovación Agrícola en Mexico” four interesting speakers will inform you about:

  • the current situation of protected horticulture in Mexico
  • certifications, markets and trends
  • data driven growing
  • biological innovations for crop protection

The seminar will be in Spanish.

Beeld: @LAN Mexico