Ukraine reduced the acreage under open field vegetables

According to State Statistics Service the acreage under open field vegetables in Ukraine is being reduced in 2018.

Analyst of the agricultural markets of the association «Ukrainian agribusiness club» Petro Lakhay reports that this tendency is observed in almost all crops in the South of Ukraine, but the most significantly decreased the areas under cabbage — by 14%, cucumbers and cornichons — by 9%.

"This situation occurred as a result of arid conditions prevailing in the southern part of Ukraine in 2017 and some agricultural producers reduced or simply refused to grow vegetables in this area, but the situation in Central Ukraine was more favorable for vegetable growing, that is, due to changes in climatic conditions the zone of growing vegetables moves north, which in turn leads to a decrease in crops in the south", — the expert explains.

The acreage of vegetables in Ukraine for the harvest of 2018 (not including potatoes) amounted to about 420 thousand hectares. Compared with the previous year, there was a reduction in acreage under vegetables by 1.5%. In the southern region, about 40% of the total crops were sown, in the central and western parts of Ukraine, 30%, respectively.

In 2018, crop acreage under vegetables in the Southern part of Ukraine decreased by 5% compared with the indicators of 2017. But in the Central part of Ukraine, the acreage under vegetables increased by 2%. In the Western part of Ukraine it remained unchanged.

So, this year the Odessa region has reduced the acreage under all major types of vegetable crops.

In the Kherson region, garlic crops almost tripled. Also, on the lands of Tavria, the largest quantity of tomatoes (14.1 thousand ha) is grown among all regions of Ukraine, and this year the area has increased by 4.3%. But cabbage, cucumbers and onions were sown less.

Mykolayiv region this year reduced the area under cabbage, cucumbers and cornichons, tomatoes, onions, carrots and beets. On the territory of the Zaporizhzhya region local agricultural producers reduced the acreage under the main types of vegetables.

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