High demand for Hungarian green peas and wine

The latest market report on vegetables, fruit and wine by the Hungarian Agricultural Research Institute shows that Hungarian green peas are in great demand on the international market. Furthermore, the wine-trade balance of the country remained positive in the first quarter of 2018 both in quantity and value.

green peas

Green Peas

According to the FAO, last year the world produced approximately 20 million tons of green peas. The EU produced 960-970 thousand tons of this quantity with Belgium leading as largest frozen-pea exporter towards the internal market. However, Hungary leads the market when it comes to exporting tinned green peas. In 2017 it sold 42,4 thousand tons internally in the EU. The country is also the largest exporter amongst Member States towards third countries. The largest part of Hungarian green peas goes to Russia, Germany, Italy, France and the Baltics.

Hungary is also strong on the sale of frozen peas. While Spain is the market leader, the country is not far behind, standing in fifth place. The biggest buyers of Hungary’s produce is Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece and Belgium.

According to the Hungarian Bureau of Statistics, green pea plantations have increased twofold since 2011. However, the yields produced vary significantly as the short growing season makes peas highly sensitive to weather changes. This challenge can be tackled by increasing irrigated areas and choosing the right variety.

Wine market

Compared to 2017, wine exports have increased by 57 % in quantity, and 34 % in value in the first quarter of 2018. Top importers of Hungarian wine are Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic. White wines were most demanded on the international market, making up 81% of Hungary’s wine-export.

Champagne-sales to foreign markets have also increased by 14 %, with its main buyers being Estonia and Sweden.

Source: AKI Agrárpiaci Jelentések

Author: Peter Bori - Junior Policy Advisor Agriculture