Dutch technology in the South African pork industry

Dutch companies play an important role in the pork industry in South Africa. Two Dutch companies are portrayed in the last edition of SA Porcus magazine: Topigs Norsvin and De Heus.


Topigs Norsvin is a Dutch company leading in pig genetics in South Africa and has just opened brand-new units in Villiers. The construction took only 24 months after which the official inauguration was held on 23 February 2017. Topigs Norsvin already had 3 nucleus in South Africa, containing a total of 17,500 pigs.


If the pig genetics are not matched with optimal nutrition, the pigs will not reach their full potential. This is where De Heus, another Dutch company, comes in. De Heus specializes in pig feed. They ensure the correct pig weight with a very specific diet. Taking into account the stocking density, the temperature in the pens, the quality and temperature of the water and much more.

Two examples of innovative Dutch Agro companies with a big footprint in South Africa.