Import cut flower from the Netherlands into Korea

In the past a few years, import of cut flowers from the Netherlands into Korea is increased and also expected to be grown in upcoming years.

Dutch flower exporters have enjoyed benefits since the Korea-EU free trade agreement took effect six years ago. Not only from the Netherlands but also from other third countries, amount of imported cut flower is increasing. Among several reasons, we can say that the needs are found among Korean individual consumers as well as hotels demanding diversed high quality flowers. Below statistics shows the increasing of cut flower import.


* Import of cut flowers into Korea by year

* Top 10 exporters of cut flowers into Korea in 2016

Country USD 1000 Ton
China 9847 5040
Columbia 6058 709
Netherlands 2331 135
Thailand 1146 139
South Africa 1142 125
Japan 745 17
Italy 639 27
Vietnam 612 363
US 386 41
Israel 379 21

* Main cut-flower crops imported into Korea in 2016

Crops USD 1000 Ton
Chrysanthemum 9300 5011
Carnation 1503 358
Orchid 1341 144
Rose 1073 106
Processed cut flower 1623 50
Others 9897 1072

(PHOTOS) Flower market of Express bus terminal, the largest local flower wholesale market in Korea has various imported cut flower from South Africa, Columbia and the Netherlands.

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