Agrospecial on Nature-inclusive agriculture worldwide

Welcome to the world of nature-inclusive farming! In this new edition of our e-magazine Agrospecial, the teams of our Netherlands Agricultural Network showcase nature-inclusive practices and initiatives in 36 countries worldwide. They delve into the development, benefits and challenges of this innovative farming approach. Each team has a different story to tell.

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June 2023

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Exploring nature-inclusive farming


In this edition you will find the following articles subdivided in general and per region:


Exploring nature-inclusive farming

Nature-inclusiveness is the future

Nature-inclusive farming: back to basics

Organic farmer: a director of natural processes


Belgium pushes for a nature-inclusive earnings model

Nature checks enhance biodiversity on farms in Denmark

France's transition to agroecology

Bavaria commits to Program for Contractual Nature Protection

Germany is promoting peatland restoration as part of national climate strategy

In Hungary nature conservation goes hand in hand with sustainable farming

Farmers lead nature-inclusive approach in Ireland

Italy at the forefront of nature-inclusive revolution

In Norway it is wind power versus reindeer grazing

The European Green Deal is guiding the EU towards a nature-inclusive future

The rise of regenerative farming in Romania

Agroecology is a sustainable solution for Spain's agricultural sector

Türkiye’s progress in sustainable agriculture

The UK’s groundswell of regenerative agriculture


Exploring Brazil's cabruca agroforestry

Canada wants a resilient and equitable food system for future generations

Chile is looking for balance between nature and productive sectors

Cultivando un México Mejor: 100% sustainable barley supply

Ecosystem services and carbon credits support small-scale farmers in Peru

US private and public parties choose nature over profit


Leapfrogging towards agroecological horticulture in Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal

Revitalizing landscapes and ecosystems in Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley

Fostering resilient agricultural systems and environmental stewardship in Ghana

Mlango Farm in Kenya paves the way for new generations of farmers

Nigeria opts for a greener future

Lessons from South Africa: 20+ years of nature-inclusive farming

In Uganda and Rwanda, nature-inclusiveness is all about educating the young


Natural farming in India

Agroforestry in Indonesia contributes to making lives better

Harmony between nature and agriculture: Japan is on its way

South Korea’s Eco-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act

Traditional and indigenous farming practices show Sri Lanka the way to sustainable food production

Ant farming in Thailand: back to the future or smart use of the past?

Middle East

Iran steadily scales up nature-inclusive agriculture

Iraq invests in integrated pest control, regeneration of wetlands and reforestation

Arid Saudi Arabia wants to improve self-sufficiency levels