Agrospecial on Impact of EU Deforestation Regulation worldwide

The 11th edition of Agrospecial e-magazine ‘Impact of EU Deforestation Regulation worldwide’ showcases the opportunities and challenges associated with the EUDR from the perspective of the LNV Attaché Network (LAN). They introduce us to their related work, provide insights into what is happening in their respective countries, and showcase examples of projects and actions the LAN is taking in promoting sustainable supply chains and responsible business conduct. Once again, cooperation is key, the LAN plays a crucial role in this work.

Read more in our latest edition of Agrospecial about the impact of EU Deforestation Regulation worldwide

June 2024

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EUDR is a necessary step towards sustainable supply chains; cooperation is key


In this edition you will find the following articles subdivided in general and per region:


EU's new Deforestation Regulation set to transform global commodity trading

EU takes responsibility for deforestation with European Deforestation Regulation

IDH and Solidaridad advocate match between environmental goals and well-being of smallholder farmers

Advancing deforestation monitoring: Dutch space efforts power EUDR compliance


Côte d’Ivoire’s cocoa sector ready to combat deforestation

Ethiopia's coffee crisis: navigating EU regulations amid sustainability challenges

Sustainable cocoa growing in Ghana: how can EUDR be an opportunity in a challenging sector?

Uganda wrestles with EUDR compliance amidst coffee trade challenges


Argentina: balancing production with nature conservation and restoration

Brazil concerned about implementing EU Deforestation Regulation

EUDR can help companies from Chile strengthen their reputation worldwide

Colombia wants to meet EU regulations while stimulating sustainable growth

North America faces new trade challenges and opportunities under EU Deforestation Regulation

Peru's strategy for EUDR compliance: bridging production and environmental stewardship


Indonesia and Malaysia seek active cooperation with the EU and the Netherlands to advance sustainable and deforestation-free supply chains

Thailand advances deforestation-free agri-food system amid EUDR implementation

Dutch-Vietnamese collaboration for sustainable growth in Vietnam's coffee industry


Belgium amplifies support for EUDR, strengthening deforestation-free trade initiatives

Serbia on its way to a sustainable, deforestation-free soy supply chain