Contributing in the Dutch-South Africa partnerships by introducing CSA technologies

As part of its study on Climate Smart Agriculture the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has published a booklet listing Dutch companies leading in Climate Smart Agriculture technologies. The booklet has been released and is available to the public.

Climate smart agriculture

Drought, losses of cattle, reduced harvests, land degradation, water scarcity are happening in South Africa. Use of technologies to adapt or to mitigate these are not common practice in all sectors and is often limited to smaller groups of (commercial) farmers. Knowledge dissemination for implementation at farm level and climate proofing of agricultural value chains are important. Climate Smart Agriculture includes proven practical techniques but also innovative practices. Climate mitigation, and adaptation technologies can be manifold and can concern (but are not limited to) the introduction of new varieties of plant material, use of water efficient instruments, soil improvement, use of inputs. It is about getting existing technologies off the shelf and into the hands of farmers and developing new technologies to meet demands of climate change.

The Netherlands is a world-leading exporter of agri-food products and leading in innovation. Dutch agriculture remains successful by continually investing in sustainable development and the renewal of agricultural production chains, where farmers are full partners in the agricultural production chains. The Netherlands supports also the Global Alliance for Food security, which has embraced the Climate Smart Agriculture approach developed in the Netherlands.

Dutch partner

The Netherlands is a reliable, innovative and solution-driven partner in the AGRI sector. To truly understand the unique South African context and achieve real results in the area of agriculture we actively engage with South African stakeholders. Through these Dutch - South African Partnership / cooperation in the agriculture sector we co-create ideas and innovations for a sustainable future in South Africa and the Netherlands. Examples of these are the #cocreateSA and Orange Corner initiatives.

Exchange platform

#cocreateSA is a platform for South African and Dutch counterparts to exchange innovations for a sustainable future. It is an initiative by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa and was born during the three-week long event, Department of Design, the Dutch contribution to WDC2014. It was here - during the many workshops, lectures, events, presentations and functions - that the #cocreateSA conversation began.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa is still committed to bring together the South Africans and the Dutch. We do so by keeping the #cocreateSA platform alive, stimulating the conversation, offering a platform for innovations and facilitating collaborations. By continuing to invest in this platform, we aim to inspire everyone to work together, make a difference and #cocreateSA.

Orange Corners

Orange Corners is a platform for entrepreneurs to learn, stimulate their creativity, grow their business and expand their professional network. Orange corners provides business development services such as mentorship, marketing, legal, accounting, networking and training. Orange corners can be a format to be used for a custom-made program on Agrofood/Horticulture to stimulate entrepreneurship. The first Orange Corner was established in Johannesburg.


This booklet, which you can download by clicking here does offer information about companies that have something real to offer and do want to be part of the solution to the challenges that are there.