Mobile Lab for Soil Analysis

During a visit to Tanzania, Vice Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Ms. Marjolijn Sonnema and Deputy Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Mr. Abdallah Ulega launched Tanzania’s first mobile lab for soil analysis. Improved soil analysis is an important step for sustainability as it reduces the need for pesticides. This lab reduces soil testing time to 30 minutes, where previously it could take up to a week.

Mobile Lab for Soil Analysis

The mobile lab for soil analysis

The mobile lab is a cooperation between the Tanzanian company  Live Support Systems and the Dutch Company Agrocares. After its successful introduction to Kenya, Dr. Matafu from Live Support Systems recognized the need for this system to be introduced to Tanzania as well. From now on, the mobile laboratory will follow farmers and do soil analyses on site. Tests results can be obtained instantly. By using the mobile lab and its scanners farmers receive accurate advice on the crops that suit their soil best.

The mobile lab consists of a truck, capable of crossing rough terrain. In the truck soil scanners, which are portable handheld devices can be found. These are used for monitoring soil quality. Additionally, the truck houses the Agrocares Lab-in-a-Box (LiaB), which gives the farmers reports on the spot and are also used as a tool to raise farmers’ awareness on the importance of soil health and sustainable soil management.

Another benefit of moving the lab into the field is one-on-one interaction with the farmers. The farmer can ask all the questions he has regarding the report and the fertilizer recommendations and the interaction is immediate with the lab operators.

Cutting the ribbon of the mobile lab

Vice Minister Sonnema and Deputy Minister Ulega cut the ribbon and open the lab

By cutting the ribbon together, the lab is ready to go into the field to help Tanzania’s farmers with testing their soils.

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