Greenhouse artificial lighting in Spain

Signifiy and Fundación Cajamar have signed a research collaboration agreement in order to growth horticultural crops in greenhouses by applying artificial lighting.

Signify in Spain

The study will be carried out in the greenhouses located in the Cajamar Experimental Station “Las Palmerillas", in El Egido (Almería). It is a project of relevant interest for horticultural farms, which, in the future will have to face a greater demand for food production under more demanding conditions, because of climate change, population growth and the scarcity of the planet’s resources.

For Roberto García Torrente, Director of Agrofood Innovation at Cajamar, the results of this research “will represent the new formula for producing more and better, optimizing resources and deepening sustainable development”.

The President of Signify in Spain, Josep M. Pérez, adds, “it is crucial to look for the right partners, such as Fundación Cajamar, to research new crops models allowing us control over food production while optimizing the necessary resources such as water, space and lighting”.

The pilot project will consist of the installation of 96 Philips GreenPower LED modules in 120 meters of crop lines in order to investigate the effects that artificial lighting will have on the growth and production of different horticultural crops.