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Katja Enberg @KatjaEnberg

Please RT: I am hiring! 2 PhD positions in marine evolutionary ecology & sustainable harvesting in the #Anthropocene. Modelling, life-history, behaviour, natural mortality, climate warming. Apply here tinyurl.com/ybobmj82 by Jan30th. @UiB @UiBmatnat @ICES_ASC @Havforskningen pic.twitter.com/rbIgdSBfq4

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Henk Swarttouw @copenhenken

Netherlands 🇳🇱 ambitious on climate. In 2030 all new car#zeroro emissions and in 2025 all urban public transport zero CO#COP24Katowicectwitter.com/minienw/status…tS

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FAO Newsroom @FAOnews

Seeing forests and trees about to get easier. All thanks to a next-generation geospatial tool developed by @NASA and @FAO. Just launched, Collect Earth Online will allow anyone to track land-use and landscape changes anywhere. bit.ly/2QtIdEm #forests #innovation pic.twitter.com/vAyov6QMvr

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