Booming business for Russian flower growers with regard to International Women's Day

Russian flower growers have had a busy time on the eve of International Women's Day on March 8th. This year, the preparation was especially intense. Floriculture was among the sectors of the economy most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the supply of flowers from foreign suppliers has decreased.

Therefore, Russian manufacturers were in a hurry to send their beautiful and fragile products as early as possible to have time to please the main connoisseurs of flowers. Most of the planting material for the Russian flowers comes from the Netherlands.

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Dutch plant varieties

Thousands of bright tulips have been grown for the International Women’s Day in Tula greenhouses. Almost all the flowers are produced locally using Dutch plant varieties.

The tulip grower Ms. Alina Zara and her husband have grown thousands of tulips. She says that earlier the customers preferred red flowers and now they prefer a variety of colors.

Many people believe that gardening is the most calming activity and botany is the most peaceful science, yet Ms. Zara assures that it is not true. The bulbs should be taken care of in July in order for the flowers to be harvested in the beginning of March. They are delivered to Tula from the Netherlands and wait for their turn until the end of December. The hottest season begins in the greenhouse during Christmas holidays.

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Flowers - tulips

Purchased in the Netherlands

Tomsk Flower Company prepared 2.3 million tulips of various colors for the International Women’s Day. It is the hottest season in the greenhouses now; fully-grown flowers are being picked and delivered to the customers.

LLC Flower Company have been growing tulips for many years now. The main greenhouses of the company are located in Trubachevo village of Tomsk region. They grow roses all year round over the acreage of several thousand square meters as well as tulips specifically for the festive occasion.

The tulip bulbs are purchased in the Netherlands. The production cycle begins in December, usually two weeks before the New Year. The flowers are grown hydroponically. All the nourishing substances are received from the solvent, which is renewed almost every day.

The Flower Company begins harvesting in the middle of February and finishes it closer to the March 8. Some of the tulips have completely tight green buds. They will be able to reach faraway areas from Tomsk, such as Moscow. In other cases, the flowers are picked with ripe but unopened buds.

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Flowers rose

Dutch roses

The Yug-Agro plant from the Krasnodar Territory also pleases consumers. For more than 15 years, it has been growing 40 varieties of Dutch roses. Before the holiday, up to 100 thousand cut roses are sent daily from the greenhouses of the plant. And during the year, 35 million roses are sent to different cities of Russia.

Apart from increasing local production of flowers Russia imports many flowers for this important holiday. Republic World reports  that more than 9,000 tons of flowers crossed the border since mid-February, twice as many as the last year's figures. "The top four countries of origin were the Netherlands, Ecuador, Kenya and Colombia." In total, 120 million flowers have been imported, Republic World reports.