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  1. 760,000 Romanian farmers applied for area subsidies in 2023.

    Farmers in Romania submitted almost 760,000 payment applications for an area of almost 10 million hectares in the 2023 campaign, ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 19-06-2023 | 08:33

  2. GreenTech study trip: NL Horticultural Solutions for Romania, Bulgaria and Greece

    Next week, RAI Amsterdam becomes the heart of the world’s horticulture, as GreenTech opens its doors. Horticultural (fruit and ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 10-06-2023 | 21:31

  3. Renewable energy production scheme for agri-food producers

    On 12 May 2023, the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development published Order no. 70/2023, establishing a new aid ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 30-05-2023 | 16:41

  4. Milk prices in Romanian stores, down by 20% after public agreement

    The price of fresh milk in Romanian stores has decreased on average by 20% after the retailers and milk processors finalized ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 24-05-2023 | 10:48

  5. Fewer animals in pig and cow farms in Romania

    Romania recorded a decline in the number of pigs and cattle last year compared to 2021, by 7.8% and 0.7% respectively, while the ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 17-05-2023 | 12:55

  6. Radiography of the Romanian arable sector

    Romania's cereal production will exceed the average of the last 5 years despite the delayed sowing of crops caused by the recent ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 08-05-2023 | 20:54

  7. EU money available for Romanian farmers starting from June 30th

    The first projects with European funds that can be submitted to AFIR Paying Agency this year will be for the Installation of ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 26-04-2023 | 21:47

  8. Romanian restaurants required to display ingredients and nutritional value of dishes

    As of March 2023, restaurants and similar establishments in Romania are required to display the ingredients and nutritional ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 11-04-2023 | 00:00

  9. Romania's EU funds for milking robots and farm automation

    Milking robots, feeding robots and other farm automation systems are equipment farmers will be able to buy with the help of EU ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 05-04-2023 | 11:34

  10. Farmland lease in Romania, still among the cheapest in the EU

    Leasing a hectare of farmland costs between EUR 836 in the Netherlands and EUR 62 per hectare in Slovakia. Romania is one of the ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 03-04-2023 | 10:00