Romanian broiler producer certified as “Beter Leven”

The Safir Group is the only slow broiler producer in Romania to hold the Beter Leven 1* animal welfare certificate for the entire production chain - on the parent farms where the eggs come from, on the hatchery, on the broiler rearing farms, on the compound feed factory and on the slaughterhouse.

This unique concept in Romania of slow growing chickens differentiates the Safir Group from other producers on the market. "In Romania, we have the only Better Leven 1* certified slow-growing chicken, which preserves the natural colour of the chicken meat", said George Safir, General Manager of the Safir Group.

safir beter Leven

The colour of the meat is a natural pinkish-white due to the absence of feed colouring and the premium non-genetically modified breed. The slow-growing chicken farms comply with the Beter Leven 1* animal welfare quality certification. On these farms, located near the forest, the slow-growing chickens are provided with all the conditions for the development of their natural instincts: they have outdoor runs in the paddock and straw bales for playing, natural light in the barn and sleep on chopped straw bedding. They are reared by country people and hand-fed daily in the traditional way. The contribution to meat quality is also ensured by reducing the stress of the birds, through gentle behaviour in daily hand feeding. Protection from heat stress and clean air increase meat quality and contribute to a better life.

Compliance with European standards and quality norms and the of products have allowed the Safir Group to develop and consolidate partnerships both within the European Union and beyond.