The European Horticulture Congress 2024 in Romania

If horticulture is constantly on your mind, in your heart and basically in your genes, then we might have interesting news for you. Let us introduce to you The European Horticulture Congress (EHC), 2024 edition.

European Horticultural Conference Romania

Held under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), the 2024 edition of EHC – “European Horticulture at Crossroads”, will be organised in Bucharest, Romania, during May 12-16. This is the fifth edition of EHC, an event taking place every 4 years (previously known as the “Symposium of Horticulture in Europe”).

The 2024 hosts, namely the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest and the Romanian Society of Horticulturists have chosen as venue the impressive Palace of Parliament and its International Congress Center. Even more impressive is the programme of the event:

  • 10 symposia
  • a horticultural exhibition
  • technical and post-event tours

Within the 10 Symposia of the Congress, science and innovation will meet industry and nature in an open dialogue about why, when and how we can and need to work together for the sustainable development of European and world horticulture.

European Horticulture Conference 2

The Congress aims at proving answers to 3 main questions:

What is the real state of horticulture regionally and globally?

What are the challenges to achieve full sustainability?

What does society expect from horticulture in the 21st century?

The symposia themes are extremely varied:

  1. History of horticulture in Europe
  2. Sustainable vegetable production from seed to health booster sources
  3. Fruit production systems for a sustainable and resilient development
  4. Viticulture and winemaking between tradition and innovation
  5. Berries in Europe between opportunities and challenges
  6. Ornamental horticulture at the service of the European society
  7. Urban horticulture: from vertical farming to planting design
  8. Genetic resources in horticulture: screening, propagation, use and conservation
  9. Robotics, mechanization and smart horticulture
  10. Postharvest and horticultural products quality

If you wish to present a scientific/research paper or just to promote your company at the event (and be present in the accompanying expo), feel free to contact the organisers. More info on: Info about registration as exhibitor. Info about registration as congress participant.

Hope to see and greet many Dutch participants in Bucharest next year!

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