More Avian influenza outbreaks this month in Poland

Four outbreaks of HPAI have already been found in Poland this month.

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Beeld: ©Pexels/ Anthony

The number of Avian influenza outbreaks in Poland this year is growing. The Chief Veterinary Inspectorate reported two new outbreaks of highly pathogenic Avian influenza.

In connection with the new outbreaks, 25 000 poultry have been sent for disposal.

As of this moment, 43 outbreaks of Avian influenza have been detected, and the total number of poultry in the outbreaks is now 787 077 (as of 10.02.2023).

Polish consumers fear further increases in the price of poultry and especially eggs (which are already at record levels in recent weeks), which will be linked to the increase in HPAI outbreaks.

Source: The Chief Veterinary Inspectorate,