Polish consumers love frozen food

In 2022, Poles spent almost 2 billion PLN (425 million EUR) on them, and according to GfK data, the average Pole buys frozen food on average 14 times a year.

Pizza on a wooden table
Beeld: ©Pexels

The GfK survey shows that frozen vegetables account for 33% of this market. Frozen ready meals, on the other hand, are the second most frequently purchased products, accounting for 31% of the market. In the latter category, pizza is by far the leader in Poland.

The potential of frozen pizza is recognized by manufacturers, who are constantly expanding their product portfolio. From December 2021 to November 2022 alone, Poland's frozen pizza offer expanded by about 80 new products.

The analysis data also shows that the average Pole spent an average of 64 PLN (about 13.6 EUR) on frozen pizza during the period under review.

Fifteen percent of the frozen food market each belongs to French fries and flour products, and six percent to fruit.

Source: Business Insider