Poland: cooperation in field of Animal Sciences

The official signing of the renewal of scientific cooperation between Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and three Polish scientific institutions - Institute Of Genetics And Animal Biotechnology Of The Polish Academy Of Sciences (PAS), Poznań University Of Life Sciences (PULS) and National Veterinary Research Institute (PIWet) took place on Monday November 14 in The Hague. The Expression of Interest concerning cooperation in the field of Animal Sciences is for a period of five years.

Cooperation in field of Animal Sciences

The agreement has joint activities in three main areas:

1) The first area is the exchange of researchers and specialists, teaching staff e.g. visiting professors and students (e.g. courses and thesis work at the partner institution).

2) The second area includes research projects funded by national and EU funds, including joint development of positions and suggestions for the EU within the framework of Horizon Europe, among others, coordination of activities within the framework of proposals from the European Commission, joint participation in other international research or training programs.

3) The third area is industry-oriented research projects including facilitation of access to each party's infrastructures for the other parties and consultation on the development of new infrastructures, or joint proposals for industry-funded research or public-private partnerships.

The signing took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Netherlands, in the presence of mr Piotr Samerek - chargé d'affaires of the Polish Embassy and mrs Floor Boselie-Abbenhuis, member of the Management Team of the department Strategy, Knowledge & Innovation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

In her speech, mrs Floor Boselie-Abbenhuis referred to the Polish-Dutch veterinary scientific cooperation is an outstanding example where our countries can collaborate, exchange experience, develop our networks, improve the performance, innovate and benefit from it at the same time.    Sharing knowledge and expertise is of great advantage to all parties involved. "International cooperation in the knowledge field is what we are aiming for as Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality as well. Especially within the EU. Where we are working together on joint challenges, also in terms of animal health and animal welfare. Further strengthening the cooperation by exchange of researchers, joint proposals towards the European Commission in view of Horizon can only bring us closer in solving the challenges."

The signing of the Expression of Interest was followed by a scientific symposium at Wageningen University and Research, in which the representatives of all the institutes discussed topics they are currently working on in their research, including Re-breeding livestock for resilience and extensification of husbandry practices for better meat quality, Poultry environment and its welfare or Emerging Zoonoses Preparedness and Action Plan.