Agroshow in Bednary Poland: Dutch pavilion focusing on improvement of soils

This year, a group of Dutch companies active in natural fertilizers, soil analysis and improvement participated with a thematic Dutch Pavilion during the exhibition AGRO SHOW BEDNARY 2018.

Participation at this exhibition, which is traditionally visited by many farmers and known for its offer of agricultural machines and technology for arable production, gave them a possibility to get in contact with Polish crop producers, search for new contacts and cooperation opportunities focused on improving productivity and quality of soils overall. According to organizers of the exhibition, this year approximately 139 200 farmers visited the exhibition within four days, a similar amount as last year.

As a result of worsening soil conditions and overlapping negative climate changes in Poland, agricultural insights increasingly indicate the necessity of investing in a regular supply of (external) organic matter in order to maintain soil fertility and organic matter levels. Organic matter is one of the most important indicators of soil fertility and water storage capacity. As a result, attention for soil and soil fertility increased in recent years in Poland. Polish arable farmers are increasingly getting aware of the positive interaction between organic matter, soil life & fertility and water storage capacity. Together with an active soil life, organic matter improves the soil structure and retention and timely release of nutrients and water. With this, it has a direct effect on the production potential of soils and quality of the yields of cultivated plants.

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Next AGRO SHOW in BEDNARY is planned  from 19 - 22 September 2019.

For further information and impression visit the site of the exhibition.