Agricultural news week 15

In this weeks agrinews we celebrated chocolate day, so you can find an overview of chocolate sector in Poland in the pandemic time. And less sweet, HPAI situation in Poland.

closeup on chocolate bar
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Polish consumers buy chocolate

The Polish confectionery market is growing this year, despite numerous challenges resulting, among others, from from the pandemic and the introduced restrictions. The passing year is also a breakthrough when it comes to selling sweets on the Internet and developing e-commerce channels.
The value of the Polish chocolate confectionery market is currently PLN 7.64 billion (October 2020). Compared to the same period last year, this means an increase with a dynamics of +2.5%. The largest segment on the chocolate market - chocolate bars, is currently worth PLN 2.16 billion. This is an increase of 5.3% compared to the same period last year.
It is estimated that, like other Europeans, a statistical Pole eats over 5 kg of cocoa products annually.
The pandemic and the resulting restrictions have verified the everyday life of Poles, which was reflected in their purchasing decisions. Sales gains were recorded also during the most severe restrictions in March and April. Cheaper products like chocolate plates (e.g. compared to pralines), which can be consumed several times (purchases were made less often) were more willingly chosen. The popularity of chocolate plates is also due to the relatively long shelf life.
The time of the pandemic also saw a rapid increase in the popularity of the e-commerce channel, also in terms of sales of groceries, which has so far developed rather at a limited level. However, the pandemic meant that a large proportion of Poles, often for the first time, decided to buy online, in addition to durable goods, also food, including sweets. Manufacturers also took advantage of the new trend in consumer purchasing habits and accelerated the development of online sales to ensure the availability of their products.

Source: Portal Spoż ,

kalkoen op de vrije uitloop

HPAI in Poland, an update

In the fall-spring season 2020-2021, bird flu was confirmed on 143 farms. In the first 11 days of April, National Research Veterinary Institute in Puławy detected the virus in 49 locations. From April 1, bird flu particularly affected 4 communes in the Region of  Mazowieckie (21 outbreaks in central Poland), but also in the Wielkopolska Region (14 outbreaks). A high resolution map is available under this link.

map of HPAI outbreaks in Poland
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This season saw the greatest number of outbreaks - as many as 56 - on duck farms, 53 on laying hens and 33 on turkey farms. In the 2020/2021 season, due to avian flu utilized were: 4 614.2 thousand laying hens, 854.5 thousand turkeys, 751,3 thousand ducks, 521,1 broiler chickens, 33.8 thousand geese and over 93 thousand miscellaneous poultry on small-scale farms.

Due to the crisis situation regarding avian influenza a new regulation on combating HPAI has been issued in Mazowieckie Region. Next to the infected and endangered area, it also demarcates a so-called closed area. Special safety measures are in place in a confined area, as well as in an infected and hazardous area.

Source: Portal Hodowcy