The mapping of Distributors of Fruits and Vegetables in Kenya

The Embassy commissioned Research Solutions Africa to conduct a study to map the distributors of a selection of fruits and vegetables in Kenya. This study aims to support business interested in entering or expanding in the market of avocado, French bean, mango, onion and tomato.

The report is compact and concise which allows the reader to find the needed information swiftly, if he/she does not feel like reading cover to cover. Per value chain the key facts are given, followed by the challenges and opportunities. The challenges at production and at export level are addressed. The opportunities are found in production, processing and the export. Market entry points are given for whoever wants to invest in the Kenyan market. The annexes of the report contain extensive lists with nominal data on distributors, processors, retailers and exporters involved per value chain.

The study should provide up-to-date information of the players on the market, give insight into how value chains operate and highlight the opportunities to further develop the fruit and vegetable industry. Five value chains are addressed in-depth which together give a good impression of the whole industry. The selected value chains are avocado, French bean, mango, onion and tomato. Read here the study; mapping of the distributors

Together with the study on the sourcing of fruits and vegetables, this study gives thorough insight in the horticulture sector in Kenya. The results and recommendations emanating from it hopefully provide Dutch companies wanting to invest in the Kenyan fruits and vegetables industry an insight an overview of opportunities to enter into strategic collaboration in Kenya.

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