Brochure: Your partner in quality seed

Seeds are the start of life and of a healthy crop. Seeds play an important role in achieving food security globally. In order to ensure that farmers have access to the quality seed of their choice, a country needs to have a dynamic seed sector. Preferably, this sector will consist of a combination of small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals, underpinned by strong private and public support. Developing the seed sector is a complex process that requires an integrated approach.

Brochure: The Netherlands, your partner in quality seed

As the world’s number-one supplier of vegetable seed, seed potatoes and seed for ornamental plants the Netherlands is a partner in quality seed. To share some of the lessons learned, the brochure “your partner in quality seed” was developed. This brochure gives insight into the history of the Dutch seed sectors that has been active internationally for years and years. It gives an idea of the current developments in the seed sector, from plant breeders’ rights, to organic plant breeding and specific seed developments for Africa.

The chapters shines a light on the different elements of this dynamic and innovative sector from an international and Dutch perspective. In short, for articles and background information on quality seed this brochure is you go-to manual.

“Every farmer will tell you that a good crop starts with good seed. Whatever the size of the company, the type of product or the type of consumer” - Marjolijn Sonnema, Director-General for Agro and Nature Policy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs

The seed sector in the Netherlands would like to share their knowledge and expertise in the journey of optimizing the seed sector. Together we continue to contribute to global food security!

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