Jordan improving its capacity for Plant Variety Protection

From 24-28 November 2019 representatives of the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Research Center participated in a training provided by Naktuinbouw, the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture. 


The training focused on DUS testing (Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability) and characterization of varieties using guidelines of UPOV, the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. The course strengthened participants’ knowledge on how to describe and identify plant varieties. This skill is important not only in the protection of the breeders' rights but also in cases when identification of varieties is needed.

Follow up

NARC has the ambition to establish a certified DUS testing station. The reports provided here are taken over by the Plant Variety Protection office in Jordan. Local breeding companies would then be able to apply for variety registration in Jordan. Also in cases of infringements of breeders’ rights authorities will be able to test and identify varieties.

G2G support to horticulture

This training is an example of the cooperation at Government to Government level between Jordan and The Netherlands to support the Jordanian horticulture sector. To be able to produce healthy food for consumers in Jordan and beyond it is important that farmers have access to the right seeds. This means seeds that produce more and are more resilient to climate change, for instance by being resistant to heat, pests and diseases. There are great opportunities for public and private experts to work side by side to develop such new crop varieties. Breeders can however only take the risk and invest in research and development if their intellectual property rights are protected.

This training is thus a great step in improving public, private cooperation and knowledge exchange between Jordan and the Netherlands.