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Guide for investments in Cuba

The Cuba Investor Guide has been prepared with the purpose of helping foreign investors interested in doing business with Cuba. ...

Nieuwsbericht | 11-04-2019 | 13:26

Fiagrop 2019 in Cuba

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the agricultural counselor, Jean Rummenie, participated in Fiagrop 2019 that ...

Nieuwsbericht | 03-04-2019 | 09:58

In pictures: Dutch potato exporters visit Cuba

Dutch potato exporters visited the Jardin de Variedades (Garden of Variety), where the productivity of 84 different kinds of ...

Nieuwsbericht | 20-03-2019 | 16:54

Upcoming events on agriculture in Cuba

Consider participating in three upcoming international events in Cuba related to the agrifood sector, plant and animal health and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-02-2019 | 12:00

Kansenseminar land- en tuinbouw Cuba

Bent u actief in de land- en tuinbouwsector en bent u benieuwd wat Cuba u te bieden heeft? Bezoek dan op 15 november het ...

Nieuwsbericht | 05-11-2018 | 10:26

How organic agriculture in Cuba saved its population from hunger

Cuba's example shows that sustainable development isn't only possible, it's necessary. This country was forced to abandon its ...

Nieuwsbericht | 10-10-2018 | 21:49

Progress in Cuban agriculture

Cuba is an eminently agricultural country, which is on its way to becoming a developed nation, the main obstacle being the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 22:04

Cuban Chocolate Industry Has a Promising Future

The chocolate industry has a promising future in Cuba, based on the driving strategy of cocoa production and the strength ...

Nieuwsbericht | 13-08-2018 | 23:11

Cuba seeks to increase exports of non-conventional agricultural products

Cuba seeks to increase exports of non-conventional agricultural products like honey, charcoal, coffee and pine resin to various ...

Nieuwsbericht | 13-08-2018 | 22:19

Agro ecology in Cuba

A new Private Sector Development (PSD) project is ready to be used by Cuban peasants. Together with OXFAM, the Embassy of the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-08-2018 | 12:22

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