Colombia - 0% Duty for importing agricultural machinery

Fiscal Policies Superior Council (CONFIS) approved the reduction to 0% duty, in the term of 2 years, starting August 15th of 2017, for the import of used agricultural machinery which time of use oscillates between 1 and 7 years.

For this, Colombian Government issued Decree # 1280 of the 31st of July 2017, where it specified the tariff subparties that will be covered by that benefit and that in short terms are these:

  • Agricultural, horticultural and forestry machines, appliances and artifacts, for the preparation or work of the soil, for cultivation, rollers for grass or sports fields.
  • Threshing or Harvesting machines, appliances or artifacts, including presses for straw or forage; grass cutters and scribers; Cleaning or classification machines for eggs, fruits or any agricultural product.
  • Agricultural, horticultural, forestry, beekeeping and poultry farming machines, appliances and artifacts, including germinators with mechanical or thermal devices incorporated, and incubators and poultry breeders.
  • Machines or appliances for preparing food for animals.
  • Cleaning, classification or screening machines for seeds, grains or dried pod vegetables. Machines and devices for grinding or treating cereals and dried pod vegetables, except the rural kind.
  • Dredges, scarifiers, croppers, extirpators, roto-cultivators, weeders and hoeing machines.
  • Seeders, planters, transplanters, including direct seeding ones.
  • Manure spreaders and fertilizer distributors.
  • Machines or appliances for the preparation or industrial manufacturing of foods and beverages, except the machines or devices that prepare fixed animal or vegetal fats or oils.
  • Coffee peeling and pulping machines.
  • Milking machines, and Milk industry appliances.

This is the time for agriculture, so that’s the reason for our commitment on supporting this sector in an integral way, from financing to the operation and development, with social and environmental responsibility.