30 oktober Johannesburg International Flower Show

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South Africa, Johannesburg, Waterfall City

We are delighted to welcome you to the Johannesburg International Flower Show hosted at Waterfall City. This is the first horticultural event of this magnitude in Africa.

Flower Show 2019

Celebrating design and innovation with the country’s leading landscapers,  designers and gardeners, the Johannesburg International Flower Show is the perfect platform to showcase innovative exhibitions. The Grand Pavilion, placed in the centre of the Johannesburg International Flower Show, will house some of the best nursery and floral displays – making it the showstopper at the event. Within the Grand Pavilion there will be a floral gallery, and truly unique creations.
There are some extraordinary gardens to see, including the Showcase Gardens, Artisan Gardens, and creative themed Food & Drink Gardens. All of which are designed by South Africa’s leading landscape designers as well as some incredible up-and-coming talent.