05 september Flower Expo Poland

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Poland / Warsaw

The Flower Expo Poland is organized in order to create a new platform for sellers and growers of cut flowers and indoor plants. It is organized together with Green is Life exhibition.


As one can imagine, the economy of Poland is the fastest growing in the EU, resulting in a greater demand for luxury goods.  Moreover, the whole polish market tripled since its accession to the EU. On top of that, the export value for cut flowers and plants from the Netherlands increased in value with 23% in the last two years. This presents a big opportunity for growers and sellers, not only in Poland with a market of almost 40 million consumers, but also in the surrounding states such as Belarus and the Baltic states.


Last year total of 40 Dutch floricultural companies took part in both exhibitions in order to look for new partners and possibilities for a common business. The companies were present at the shows with their own stands, some companies took part in a market visit to Poland in order to learn more about Polish flower market. And the potential is huge: export of flowers and plants have been tripled since the accession of Poland to the EU to over 240 mln EUR in 2017.

The Embassy is supporting partner of the fair.