17 mei KWZH Animal Breeding Exhibition in Poznan

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Poland / Poznań

The 29th KWZH exhibition will take place in the weekend of 17-19 may 2019. This three-day exhibition is held every 2 years and organized by Poznań International Fair, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Centre for Animal Breeding and Breeders Association. The exhibition gathers entrepreneurs who present the technologies and solutions used in agriculture and animal husbandry to breeders, farmers, producers and distributors.

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Facts about the exhibition:

  • The exhibition is open to trade visitors and public
  • In 2015 the exhibition had almost 25.000 visitors and 381 exhibitors (mainly Polish).
  • Exhibitors sector: Breeders, insemination companies, animal breeders associations, farming schools
  • Visitors’ sector: Breeders, insemination companies, animal breeders associations, farming schools 

Thematic scope


• Alpacas, llamas, deer, water buffalo, camels, domesticated fallow deer, żubroń (beefalo)

• Fur animals (rabbits, chinchillas and nutria)

• Exhibition of native breeds (cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, sheep and goats, fur animals)

• Pigs

• Poultry

• Breeding snails

• Sheep

• Ostriches

• Fish

• Freshwater fish

• Pedigree and postal pigeons

• Bees

• Horses

• Beef and dairy cattle

• Goats


• Animal breeding material

• Livestock systems and equipment

• Equipment for animal farms

• Rural Construction

• Veterinary tools and preparations

• Feed and feed additives

• Agricultural Transport

• Machinery and equipment for harvesting green forage

• Apparatus for manure removal and pre-processing

• Equipment for milking and milk pre-treatment

• Machinery and equipment for preparing and dosing feed

• Measurement and control devices and laboratory equipment