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Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland week 50, 2023

Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland is de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief van het LNV Attaché Netwerk. U wordt iedere week geattendeerd op nieuws, activiteiten en achtergrondinformatie van onze LAN teams die werkzaam zijn op de economische afdelingen van 60 Nederlandse ambassades en/of consulaten en van daaruit 80 landen bedienen. Via de link onderaan kunt u collega's attenderen om zich ook te abonneren.

EUROPE - Frankrijk: Nationale Strategie Biodiversiteit gepresenteerd

Op 27 november jongstleden heeft premier Elisabeth Borne de nieuwe Franse Nationale Strategie voor de Biodiversiteit officieel gepresenteerd. Biodiversiteit is een prioriteit voor de Franse regering, en ze hebben ook een speciale staatssecretaris die daarmee is belast, mevrouw Sarah El-Haïry. Komend jaar geeft de Franse regering ook 1 miljard euro extra uit voor het behoud van de biodiversiteit in Frankrijk.

Franse Nationale Strategie Biodiversiteit gepresenteerd

Beeld: ©PAR-LNV

- Germany: three-state meeting

At a tri-state meeting in Hanover, Lower Saxony's Agriculture Minister Miriam Staudte hosted her counterparts from North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands to discuss pressing agricultural issues and strategies for enhancing organic practices and animal disease prevention under the Common European Agricultural Policy.

German-Dutch three-state meeting

Group picture_DLT
Beeld: ©Timo Jaworr

- Hungary: retail trade slows by last quarter

Domestic retail turnover is down 6.5%; the producers of chestnut struggling; and figures show changing seafood market habits. Read more in this weekly briefing on agriculture, food and nature news in Hungary.

Retail trade slows in Hungary by last quarter

Grocery store in Hungary. A fruits and vegetables aisle is shown with other groceries in the background. There is a fridge with fresh vegetables, there is also a hanging scale.
Beeld: ©Zoltán Szászi

- Norway: wind power versus reindeer grazing

Reindeer husbandry is important in Norway. And a branch of livestock farming uniquely nature-inclusive. Unfortunately, climate change and the energy transition are increasingly causing problems for reindeer owners which the government is struggling to solve. It shows countries like the Netherlands, that similarly to Norway look at solar and wind power to solve their energy problems: even with the best intentions and focus on the right things, nature may still suffer.

In Norway it is wind power versus reindeer grazing

Beeld: ©Shutterstock / Shutterstock

- Portugal: geslaagd bezoek draagt bij aan marktverkenning Nederlandse tuinbouwbedrijven

Van 13 t/m 15 november jl. ontving de ambassade van Lissabon een aantal bedrijven met als doel kennisoverdracht, sectorale en geografische verkenningen en het verkrijgen van  inzichten voor eventuele samenwerkings- mogelijkheden. Deelnemende bedrijven participeerden in de missie via het Brexit Adjustment Reserve een programma vanuit RVO voor bedrijven die economisch geraakt zijn door de Brexit. Het was een geslaagd bezoek waarin duidelijke kansen voor het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven naar voren kwamen.

Geslaagd bezoek aan Portugal draagt bij aan marktverkenning Nederlandse tuinbouwbedrijven

- Romania: event on sustainability and agribusiness challenges

On Wednesday 22 November 2023 the LAN team of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and their partners held the event "Sustainability and agribusiness challenges/opportunities in the context of climate changes and geopolitics” in the Grand Hotel in Bucharest.

The event attracted a diverse audience comprising of farmers, agri-food businesses, professional associations, authorities, policy experts, as well as students, professors, and researchers from Romania and the Netherlands.

Event on sustainability and agribusiness challenges in Romania

Ambassador Speeche 22/11/23

- Serbia: Orange Pavilion at the Novi Sad Fair 2024

Announcing the Orange Pavilion; news of the poultry and horticulture import and export; reforestation; and improving the commodity exchange market. Read more in this weekly briefing on agriculture, food and nature news in Serbia.

Serbia: Orange Pavilion at the Novi Sad Fair 2024

People sitting and talking at a pavilion in an exhibition area. The pavilion has orange banners with white NL letters.
Beeld: ©Mila Mirkovic

- Ukraine: back to nature, wild cows in exclusion zone

Within the Chernobyl exclusion zone, a herd of cows has adapted to the wild for over eight years, an intriguing subject of study for scientists at the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve. This unexpected wildlife resurgence sparks curiosity about the adaptation of once-domesticated animals to untamed conditions.

Back to nature, wild cows in exclusion zone in Ukraine

Exclusion zone cows Ukriane

AFRICA - Côte d'Ivoire: mangosector

Irene Koomen, a senior advisor in adaptive agriculture at Wageningen University & Research, has recently concluded a four-and-a-half-year initiative in Côte d'Ivoire's horticulture sector, with a particular focus on the mango industry. Funded by the Dutch government and aimed at fostering innovation and empowering local producers, the program sought to enhance production practices, improve quality, and strengthen market access for both domestic and export purposes, integrating a systemic approach that extends beyond production to encompass marketing, processing, and regulatory frameworks.

Mangosector Côte d'Ivoire

Mango from Côte d'Ivoire

- Côte d'Ivoire: Orange Corner's changing the minds of the youth

The Netherlands has entrusted the ESP (Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners, LLC) firm in Abidjan with the management of the Orange Corner program for Côte d'Ivoire. Télébo Soundélé has been its projectmanager since 2022, when she joined ESP. She gives us her analysis of the program and its implementation in Côte d'Ivoire, highlighting at the same time the major challenges represented by societal change in Côte d'Ivoire through its young people and how Orange Partner is contributing its stone to the building.

Côte d'Ivoire: Orange Corner's changing the minds of the youth

Télébo Soundele-Project manager ESP-Orange Corners

- Nigeria: launch of The Youth in Agribusiness-initiative for sustainable growth

In our ongoing commitment to prioritize youth and women in our initiatives, a new project implemented by IITA and funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nigeria has been introduced. The Youth in Agribusiness-program, which is specifically designed to cater to the needs of these crucial demographics within the agricultural sector, was launched in October 2023.

Launch of the Youth in Agribusiness initiative for sustainable growth in Nigeria

ASIA - Japan: insights on sustainable livestock and meat production

At a recent seminar in Tokyo representatives from the Dutch and Japanese meat and livestock industry shared their outlook on sustainable production in both countries. Following their presentations a panel consisting of members from the meat and food industry, trade, finance and media further discussed Japan’s efforts towards sustainable production and animal welfare. While the general consensus was that Japan still has a long way to go compared to Europe, things are slowly changing.

Insights on sustainable livestock and meat production in Japan and the Netherlands

LBR and Panelists

- South Korea: Eco-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act

South Korea is shifting slowly towards sustainable agriculture. Consumer awareness of the environment, climate change and carbon neutrality is growing. And the government has recently announced a five-year plan to promote eco-friendly agriculture under the Eco-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act. However, the government’s top-down approach is not sufficient. In addition to market acceptance and consumer awareness, innovative technologies are needed to lower the prices of agricultural products.

South Korea’s Eco-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act

Zero-Waste Store
Beeld: ©SEO-LNV

- Thailand: Space Technology Forum 2023 opens up another Agri Frontier

Geoinformatics for the agro-ecological system is empowering farmers for climate smart agriculture to ensure a more sustainable agri-food system, the experts said during The Netherlands – Thailand Space Technology Forum 2023 in Bangkok.

Thai – Dutch Space Technology Forum 2023 opens up another Agri Frontiers

Beeld: ©LNV Bangkok

- Vietnam: innovative and practical support to farmers adapting to salinity

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam stands as one of the world's foremost food-producing regions. Home to millions of dedicated farmers cultivating rice, vegetables, fruits, and various agricultural products, it serves as a lifeline for countless people across Asia and worldwide. However, the future of agriculture in the Mekong Delta hangs in the balance, endangered by the threats of rising sea levels, widespread groundwater extraction, prolonged and intensified droughts, and the incursion of saltwater into groundwater, soil, and surface water bodies such as rivers, canals, and lakes.

Mekong Salt Lab in Vietnam: Innovative and practical support to farmers adapting to salinity

MIDDLE EAST - Egypt: postponement of Halal regulations until December 31, 2024

In 2021, the Egyptian government announced that ISEG Halal would be the only competent authority recognized by the Egyptian government to issue Halal certificates for all food products and factories. It was also announced that all imported food products, including dairy products, must be Halal certified by ISEG Halal to enter Egypt. However, due to the lack of clarity regarding the implementation of this decision, the Egyptian government has decided to postpone the application of these regulations multiple times until December 31, 2024.

Egypt: New deadline set for applying ISEG Halal on dairy products


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