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  1. Production of soft fruit in Poland in 2022

    Nieuwsbericht | 24-03-2023 | 15:38

  2. Hungary left out of EU farmer bailout scheme

    The government increases damage compensation funds, more details on agro-ecological subsidy, plant production shipment regulation ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 24-03-2023 | 15:02

  3. The Serbian poultry sector has not yet met the EU's standards

    Serbia struggling with the influx of dairy, rising agro-fish product prices, domestic milk powder subsidized, consumers footing ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 24-03-2023 | 14:51

  4. A tiger from Ukraine found his lovely home at the Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands

    Now the 13-year old tigerTsezar enjoys his life in the Netherlands. But back in 2020 his life story shocked animal activists all ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 23-03-2023 | 15:07

  5. Cooking paella has never been so expensive

    Despite efforts put in place by the government to contain CPI index, core inflation hits a new record. This is due to the quick ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 23-03-2023 | 12:00

  6. Handelsmissie Zuid-Afrika over duurzame landbouw in Grootvlei

    Bent u actief in duurzame landbouw en benieuwd naar zakelijke kansen in Zuid-Afrika? Ga dan mee met de handelsmissie Duurzame ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 23-03-2023 | 08:00

  7. Japan and the Netherlands combine know-how and technology to fight labor shortages and waste in the supply chain

    Japan's population is aging. As a result, the agricultural sector is experiencing labor shortages. The combination of Japanese ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 23-03-2023 | 07:55

  8. Banasan: agro-export company of the banana sector in Colombia

    Early this month the Bogot√° LAN-team and RVO (Partners for Water) met with the CEO and the sustainability coordinator of Banasan, ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 22-03-2023 | 21:49

  9. Vegetables in Poland

    A slight decrease in vegetable production in Europe, a slight increase in Poland. Retail prices for vegetables increased in ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 22-03-2023 | 15:37

  10. Where Vietnamese horticulture challenges meet Dutch solutions

    On the way home from work, Van Pham, 40, stopped at a store of Dalat Hasfarm near her house to buy 2 bouquets of flowers. The ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 22-03-2023 | 12:13