EP elections in Poland: how did farmers vote?

In the European elections, 61,9% of farmers voted for Law and Justice  - show the results of the Ipsos late poll. This is less than in 2019, when Jarosław Kaczyński's party won over 70%. Farmers have been protesting against the introduction of the Green Deal since the beginning of the year. And the law was agreed by the previous government formed by the Law and Justice party.

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How did farmers vote?

In the 2024 European elections, 61,9% of farmers voted for Law and Justice (PiS), 15,5% for the Confederation of Freedom and Independence (Konfederacja -right wing), 11,6% for the Civic Coalition (KO, currently leading party in the governing coalition).

Only 7,7% for the PSL is a big surprise and a giant warning for the party as the party sees itself as farmers representation in the current government and the minister of agriculture comes from this wing.

- From the very beginning, we said that these European elections would be the most difficult for us. And this has been confirmed. We take this result very seriously and with humility - declared Deputy Prime Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz from PSL

Critical voices about the result of the Third Way come from the group itself.

- Until PSL and their coalition partner Polska 2050 understand that they are to create an alternative to PO and PiS and clearly state the goals of the Third Way in the government, the Third Way will not develop - said Marek Sawicki-former minister of agriculture in an interview. - We need to change the concept of functioning in the government. If the Third Way does not clearly state that we have a coalition government and not Donald Tusk's (KO) government, then let it dissolve and forget about the project - he added.

At the moment the governmental majority is made by KO as a leader and Third Way (consisting of two parties PSL and Polska 2050) and the Left (consisting of Nowa Lewica and Wiosna).

The Left obtained 2.2% of the votes of farmers.

Source: TVN24.pl / Wirtualna Polska / Farmer.pl

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