Poland as the largest producer of pumpkins in the EU

Since 2020, Poland has been a leader in the production pumpkins in the EU.

orange pumpkins
Beeld: ©Unsplash / Karalina S

According to the Eurostat data, in the years 2014-2022 the cultivation area of pumpkins in Poland increased from 1.1 thousand ha to 8.9 thousand ha. With the growth of the sowing area, the domestic harvest of pumpkins increased dramatically- from 48 thousand tonnes in 2014 to about 400 thousand tonnes in 2022- i.e eightfold.

pumpkin production in the EU
Beeld: ©Polish food

Since 2029, an upward trend in the production of pumpkins has been recorded in the Union market. In 2022, the harvest of pumpkins in the Eu reached more that 1 million tonnes and was by 3% higher year-on-year. In 2022, the share of Poland in the total harvest of pumpkins in the EU was nearly 40%.

In addition to Poland, the significant EU producers of pumpkins were:

  • France (207 thousand tonnes- 20% of the share in the EU production)
  • Spain (128 thousand tonnes-9%) and
  • Portugal (81 thousand tonnes- 8%).

The share of the first five producers in 2022 accounted for nearly 90% of the total Eu production.

colorful pumpkins
Beeld: ©Unsplash / Kerstin Wrba

The growth production of pumpkins in Poland results from the increasing consumer demand, as well as relatively easy cultivation. Pumpkin does not require good soils and large investments in chemical protection. Varieties cultivated in Poland are used for consumption and decorative purposes. In 2023 National Register of Varieties contained about 30 varieties of this plant.

Pumpkin can be used for direct consumption, of in the food industry, as an additive in bakery or a raw material for oil pressing. This vegetable is also used in the pharmaceutical industry or as animal feed. Apart from the unquestionable culinary properties, pumpkin has a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Source: Polish Food