Increase in poultry exports from Poland to the EU market

Despite competition from Ukraine, the Polish industry increases sales to EU countries. Last year, almost 900,000 products entered the EU market. tons of unprocessed chicken meat, i.e. by 7%. more than a year earlier.

meat poultry in front of green leaves in a garden- free range
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

In the segment of chickens for fattening, which dominates the domestic poultry production, production volume growth remains an important driving force of development.

According to data provided by Grzegorz Rykaczewski, an expert at Pekao, exports of poultry meat from Ukraine are growing, and within 11 months of 2023 they were to be twice as large as in the entire year 2022. At the same time, Ukraine's share in total EU imports exceeded 40 %.

Despite this, Poland maintains its position on the EU market, and sales to Germany, the Netherlands and France are mainly responsible for the increase in volume. The production of turkey meat was slightly worse, with slaughter weight being 7% lower.

Source: PortalSpo┼╝ywczy