Flowers booming in the Polish retail?

Again, Poland has increased import of flowers and plants from the Netherlands.

bunches of colourful flowers dedicated for sales in retail chains
Beeld: ©A. Murawska

Last year Poland was the country where the level of import stayed on the same level as in 2021. The export numbers for 2023 show that Poland remain the 5th export destination for ornamentals from the Netherlands with a difference to Italy (4th place) of only 10 mln eur.

The increase is especially visible as in the last year only two countries increased their imports: Poland and Belgium. And all other countries of top 10 flower destinations noted a decrees.

export statistics of Dutch flowers and plants
Beeld: ©Floridata

High inflation didn’t stop Poles from buying flowers

It is a remarkable achievement concerning the fact that in the last two years Poland suffered from a high inflation rate that summarized reached the level of 40% and everyone knows that ornamentals aren’t essential goods.

Therefore it is not a surprise that Poland remains an interesting market for Dutch flower producers and exporters. It is visible as every year several incoming missions of Dutch growers are visiting Poland. But it is probably the retail that will secure further growth of this sector in Poland.

bunches of colourful flowers dedicated for sales in retail chains
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

Retail- new sales channel

First flowers in Polish retail chains were noticed even 8 years ago and were of rather poor quality. But the attractive price and easy access to flowers took care for development of this segment in the Polish grocery stores.

Polish consumers have learned that many good floral opportunities are to find in the retail especially if connected to special occasions like Easter or Women’s Day and the offer of Polish retailers has improved over the time.

But as in the (recent) past mainly mono bunches in plastic sleeves were available, as from this year something has changed.

Flowers b(l)ooming in retail

One of the biggest Dutch associations Just Chrysantemum, that is executing a multiannual promotional campaign in Poland is now looking in the direction of in-buyers of fresh products in Polish retail chains. Next to regular promotional activities Just Chrys decided to participate in the training devoted to flower quality and present their colorful assortment to the audience- in-buyers.

bunches of colourful flowers dedicated for sales in retail chains
Beeld: ©A. Murawska

Next to that also Hoorn Bloom Masters is sending their flower mixes to Poland where they can be found-as a test- in one of the supermarkets in Warsaw. With Valentines Day behind us and Women’s Day approaching the chances for a success are rising. The chain will then obviously increase the order and send flowers also to other stores in other cities.

The difference in this approach lies mainly in the look of the product. Until now the assortment presented in the retail was rather symbolic but also relatively cheap- flowers to buy for own pleasure and home. The new wave of products are colorful flower mixes nicely wrapped and ready to be offered as a gift that are offered against a higher price than a Polish customer is used to, but still cheaper compared to the same bunch of flowers in a flower shop

This new step excludes traditional flower shops as selling point of flowers. Firstly, a customer has to have a need to visit a flower shop. Secondly, flowers are very often displayed right at the entrance to a grocery store- therefore also an emotional purchase can still take place and with good quality and presence of flowers offered in retail the need of the customer to visit a flower shop will be solved with the purchase of the newly available assortment in a grocery store.

Is it a threat for flower shops in Poland? For those who see themselves as flower selling points- yes. At the moment there are actually too many flower shops in Poland. Therefore good quality flowers in retail chains will influence the amount of flower selling points. But the general export numbers will probably still go up, as clients loving flowers will shift to grocery stores for their purchase and new clients will see the new nice arrangements and buy them spontaneously.

And this all even with a very limited support of the Flower Council in Poland.