Cheese market in Poland

Cheeses are so deeply rooted in Poles' menus that nothing can weaken their position: the volume of purchases of both yellow and blue cheeses is increasing, even though the average prices of these products are growing higher than inflation.

Beeld: ©Pixabay

In Poland, cheese is purchased by 98.6% of households (i.e. over 13 million) and compared to the previous year, this percentage remained at a similar level.
Blue cheese (as opposed to yellow) recorded an increase in the penetration rate by 1 percentage point. This means that they managed to attract new buyers in the number of almost 140,000 households.
When it comes to the frequency of purchasing products from both categories, yellow cheeses are currently added to shopping carts on average 31 times a year, while blue cheeses are added to shopping carts on average 7.5 times a year.

The volume of yellow cheese purchased for household needs increased in the analyzed period from approximately 151 thousand tons to 157 thousand tons, i.e. by 3.8%. Importantly, this increase took place despite an increase in the average price of products in this category by 24.2%, which was significantly higher than inflation.
Higher prices obviously influenced the value of purchases of products from this category. It increased by almost 29% from PLN 3.78 billion to PLN 4.88 billion. Average prices in the blue cheese category also increased, but only slightly higher than inflation (by over 16.5%).
The prospects for both categories seem good. In the current economic situation, buyers - behaving according to the principles of smart shopping - pay attention to prices, look for promotions and analyze the market. However, this does not change the fact that purchase volumes in both yellow and blue cheeses are rising.


The date mentioned in the article are coming from the research of Consumer Panel Services GfK (made on 8 thousand households what is representative for 13 658 mln households in Poland).

Source: Wiadomości handlowe 6/23