Greenhouse market in Poland- stable with energy challenges

The greenhouse companies are spread out in the whole country, there are however some regions where the amount of greenhouses is bigger. The market seems to be stable, with the 50% of the total share represented by approx. 20 entities (with more than only one greenhouse); those are the findings of the report about greenhouse sector in Poland written for the Embassy.

The production methods aren’t different from those known in the Netherlands. All professional growers are producing soilless and the equipment used for the production comes in the majority straight from the Netherlands.

bright greenhouse with a tomato production in it
Beeld: ©Adobe Stock


The difference lies for sure in the energy sources: even if many producers is following the changes in the energy sector and heat is by far the biggest cost of any kind of production in Poland, the majority of production is driven by coal as the switch to other energy source requires substantial investment and doesn’t have to turn out to be cheaper as the energy costs in Poland are now the highest among the alle EU countries.

For more findings about the greenhouse sector in Poland and the Polish market please download and read the report.