Maximizing Tanzania's potential with an investment center

Tanzania, located on the eastern coast of Africa, has emerged as one of the continent's most promising investment destinations. With its abundant natural resources, strategic geographic location, and a government committed to fostering a business-friendly environment, Tanzania offers immense opportunities for local and foreign investors. At the forefront of promoting and facilitating investment in the country is the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC). In this article, we will delve into the role and significance of the TIC in attracting and supporting investments in Tanzania.

Tanzania Investment Centre
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Established in 1997, the Tanzania Investment Center serves as a comprehensive one-stop center for investors looking to do business in Tanzania. Its primary objective is to promote, coordinate, and facilitate investments by both domestic and foreign entities across various sectors of the Tanzanian economy. Acting as a liaison between investors and the government, the TIC streamlines processes, provides information, and offers a wide range of support services to ensure successful investments.

Tanzania has risen to become one of Africa's top investment destinations in 2023. Under the leadership of the new TIC Executive Director, Gilead Teri, the TIC management has committed to formulate innovative solutions that enhance performance in investment facilitation and promotion, yielding positive results. To fully understand why you should invest in Tanzania, go to TIC - Reasons to Invest .

Key Functions and Services

  1. Investment Promotion: The TIC actively promotes Tanzania as an attractive investment destination through targeted marketing campaigns, participating in international investment forums and exhibitions, and showcasing the country's vast investment opportunities. The center highlights the country's key sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, energy, infrastructure, and mining, to attract potential investors.
  2. Investment Facilitation: TIC acts as a one-stop center for investors, providing comprehensive facilitation services throughout the investment process. This includes assisting with company registration, permits, licenses, and approvals, as well as providing information on investment incentives, policies, and regulations.
  3. Investor Support: TIC offers post-investment support to ensure the success and growth of investments in Tanzania. This includes assisting with land acquisition, workforce development, access to financing and investment incentives, and resolving any issues or challenges faced by investors.
  4. Sector-Specific Support: The TIC recognizes the diverse investment opportunities available in Tanzania and provides tailored support for specific sectors. It collaborates with government ministries, agencies, and private sector stakeholders to develop sector-specific policies, incentives, and initiatives to attract investments and foster sectoral growth.

TIC recent updates

  1. Investment Incentives and Guarantees: Tanzania offers a range of investment incentives and guarantees to attract and protect investments. Notably, the TIC grants Certificates of Incentives that entitle investors to various investment incentives as stipulated in Tanzania's new Investment Act. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the new Investment Act compared to the Investment Act of 1997, visit the Clyde & Co website, The Tanzania Investment Act of 2022 : Clyde & Co (  where it has been well summarized.
  1. Tanzania Electronic Investment Window (TeIW): TIC has launched TeIW, a single window system for facilitating investment-related applications such as certification, permits, licenses, and authorizations. This system ensures timeliness, effectiveness, and efficiency in the processes. To register new projects, visit the TeIW website
  1. SDG Investor Map for Tanzania: On 30th November 2022, the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade (MIIT) of Tanzania officially launched in Dar es Salaam, the SDG Investor Map for Tanzania in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The SDGs Investor Map provide the insight and tools needed by the private sector to translate country-level SDGs gaps and priorities into investment opportunities and thereby increase their investment opportunities and thereby increase their investments towards the SDGs. Read more here.

The Tanzania Investment Center plays a pivotal role in promoting and facilitating investments in Tanzania, harnessing the country's immense potential. Through its comprehensive services, sector-specific support, and recent updates, the TIC continues to attract investors, foster growth, and contribute to Tanzania's economic development.

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