Green roofs contest in Poland

Green roofs and plant walls are an increasingly visible part of the urban landscape. Used on buildings they add charm by warming up the image and softening raw, simple forms.

However, the visual effect does not determine the popularity of green roofs. Nowadays, when the world is struggling with the negative effects of climate change, greenery introduced to buildings in fast growing cities is a necessity, not just a fashion or a visual trend that may soon pass away.

poster announcing green roofs contest
Beeld: ©PSDZ

As part of the green strategy of the EU, green roofs were explicitly mentioned in the new nature restoration law and green deal policy of the Union. It is an important step as green roofs take care for a better energy efficiency of every construction and the green cover of such a roof secures better water retention and brings more biodiversity to the city.

For this reason the popularization of great designs using green roofs is important and needed.

Agri conselor shanking hands of the winner of the green roof contest
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

Therefore the Embassy took the patronage over a contest organized by the Polish Green Roof Society for the best project containing green roof. The contest was dedicated to young landscape architects who are starting their professional career.

We hope the contest will give more attention to this important topic.

It was a great honor for us to be present and to congratulate the winners of the contest personally during a conference in Wrocław. The whole list of winners of the contest including the winning projects can be found in the link:
Our sincere congratulations!