Production of soft fruit in Poland in 2022

In 2022, the total cultivation area (in the ground and under cover) of all berry species was 130 300ha, while in 2021 it was 130 200ha, i.e. the increase was less than 1%. Compared to 2021, the cultivation area of raspberries increased by 9.1% (from 19.8 to 21.6 thousand ha) and blueberries by 6.5% (from 10.0 to 11.4 thousand ha). In 2022, the area of strawberry plantations decreased by 8.5% (from 33.8 to 30.8 thousand ha).

soft fruits on a wooden plate
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

Slight increase in production

The total harvest of berries in 2022 amounted to 579 000 tons and increased by 3.7% compared to the previous year. In 2022, the following were collected: 180 000 tons of strawberries (+15%), 105 000 tons of raspberries (+1%), 64 000 tons of blueberries (+15%) and 23 000 tons of fruit described as other berries.

Rising retail prices…

In October 2022, compared to the same month in 2021, retail prices of berries increased by 9.5%. Despite this, consumption remained virtually unchanged. In 2022, the consumption of strawberry fruit remained at the level of 58 000 tons, while raspberries increased from 9 000 to 10 000 tons. City dwellers, compared to rural dwellers, consumed 40% more berries.

…falling producer prices

The average buying-in prices of fresh strawberries decreased from PLN 9.44/kg in 2021 to PLN 7.60/kg in 2022. Due to the growing costs of harvesting and the growing demand for raw material for the production of juices, the price of strawberries with stalks increased by PLN 48, 4% to PLN 3.80/kg. The price of stemless strawberries increased by 33.3% to PLN 6.00/kg. Average raspberry prices for processing dropped from PLN 15.90/kg in 2021 to PLN 14.00/kg in 2022. This was due to the reduction in the purchase of raw material by processing plants.

soft fruit
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

Export increase

Compared to the previous year, in 2022, foreign sales of most berries increased, with the exception of strawberries. Blueberry exports in 2022 amounted to about 25 000 tons, compared to 21100 tons in the year before. These fruits were mainly sold to Germany and UK and it seems it is an upward trend. Raspberry exports increased to 10 from 8800 tons. The number of strawberries sold abroad fell to 15 from 19200 tons, which was influenced by a decrease in demand.

Export prices of almost all types of seasonal fruit, which are sold mainly for processing, increased (except for blueberries and cherries). Strawberry prices increased the most by 91% to 1.7 EUR/kg. Blueberry prices remained at EUR 5/kg.

Retail prices of almost all fruits will increase.

The total amount of berries consumed may decrease slightly due to the increase in retail prices.

Compared to the 2021/2022 season, the export of fresh strawberry fruit will increase to 16 from 15 100 tons and raspberries to 11 out of 8 900 tons. Foreign sales of blueberries and cranberries will remain at a similar level, i.e. 25 000 tons.

A greater import of berries and their preserves is forecasted. The total import of blueberries and cranberries is estimated at 18.0 against 17 000 tons in the 2021/2022 season. The import of strawberries will increase from 24.4 to 25 000 tons, and raspberries from 4.9 to 6 000 tons.

Source: Pod Oslonami