Vegetables are more expensive than meat in Poland

Currently, Poles are not only facing high inflation (currently at 17.2 %), but also increasingly high vegetable prices.

Beeld: ©Murawska

Some of them are already more expensive than the meat most often bought in shops.

Vegetables are getting more and more expensive, but even so, according to many experts, Polish consumers are not doing too badly and they point to the UK, where they are simply non-existent and fruit and vegetable stalls are shining empty.

Meanwhile, in Poland, we often pay less for meat than popular vegetables. Comparing the prices of basic foodstuffs, it turns out that chicken legs are almost twice as cheap as peppers or tomatoes.

Bread is also expensive. A pork loin costs the same as a multigrain roll, and if the consumer wants to eat it with a tomato, the consumer will pay the same amount.

For example, a kg of chicken leg costs PLN 13 (EUR 2.8) and a red paprika costs PLN 22 (EUR 4.8).

A kg of tomatoes costs just under 21 PLN (4.6 EUR), but cherry tomatoes cost as much as 36 PLN (7.8 EUR).

Source: Portal spo┼╝ywczy