Romanian agri minister: farmers are stuck with their crops while prices plunge

The war in Ukraine had a negative impact on Romanian agriculture, with implications that cannot yet be quantified, said the minister of agriculture and rural development, Petre Daea, quoted by Agerpres.

Romanian farmers are currently in an extremely delicate situation, namely "with their barns full [with last year's crop] and their accounts empty," he said.

This is because of the massive flows of grains and oilseeds from Ukraine, minister Daea explained.


He claims that according to the analysis he carried out, up to this date [from the beginning of the crop year], Romania has become a net importer from a net exporter of grains (cereals and oilseeds) -- a situation that he says is completely unfavourable to the financial situation of the Romanian farmers.

"Almost three million tonnes of cereals and oilseeds entered the territory of Romania through the border points with Ukraine and Moldova. Although we obtained a lower wheat production than in previous years due to the drought, Romania could only export 2 mln tonnes out of a potential of 4-5 mln tonnes. If they don't sell their crops, farmers' creditworthiness with the banks is dropping. We are in a delicate situation," minister Daea explained.