Romanian calendar of European funds for agriculture in 2023.

The estimated calendar for the launch of the calls for project funding related to interventions under Pillar II of the CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027 for this year has just been published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).

According to the estimated timetable for this year, the first applications for funding can be submitted to the Agency for Rural Investment Financing (AFIR) in June at the earliest.

For the month of June 2023

In June 2023, four interventions are scheduled to be launched and, as expected, the most awaited is the one dedicated to young farmers. In June farmers will be able to submit projects for European funding for:

DR-25 Modernisation of irrigation infrastructure. Indicative allocation: €400,000,000;

DR-26 Establishment of irrigation systems. Indicative allocation: 102,421,176 euro;

DR-30 Support for the setting up of young farmers. Indicative allocation: 250 691 764 euro;

DR-37 Knowledge transfer. Indicative allocation: € 1,800,000.

For the month of July 2023

From July farmers can submit projects for five interventions. These are:

DR-20 Investments in the livestock sector. Indicative allocation: 224,610,728 euro;

DR-22 Investments in packaging, storage and processing of agricultural and fruit products. Indicative allocation: € 210,300,000;

DR-36 LEADER - Community-led local development. Indicative allocation: 500,000,000 euro;

DR-27 Creation/modernisation of agricultural access infrastructure. Indicative allocation: 100,000,000 euro;

DR-28 Creation/modernisation of basic road infrastructure in rural areas. Indicative allocation: 200,988,235 euro.

For the month of August 2023

In August farmers can apply for funds to AFIR for:

DR-15 Investments in fruit holdings, intervention which has an indicative allocation of 151,383,527 euro.

Four interventions are scheduled to be launched in October. These are:

DR-13 Purchase of agricultural machinery for the plant sector. Indicative allocation: €100,000,000;

DR-38 Advice on agricultural business. Indicative allocation: €700,000;

DR-21 Investments for the prevention of the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF). Indicative allocation: EUR 10,000,000;

For the month of November 2023

In November, farmers will be able to submit projects for one of the most eagerly awaited interventions dedicated to small farms. Thus for November farmers can submit projects to AFIR for:

DR-14 Investments in small farms. Indicative allocation: 108,000,000 euro;

DR-16 Investments in the vegetable and/or potato sector. Indicative allocation: 151,383,529 euro.

Application guides and announcements of calls for projects will be published (in Romanian), on the website of AFIR paying Agency ( /