Poles still spend a lot on alcohol. 3rd place in the European Union

Poland is among the top EU member states where consumers spend the most money on alcohol. According to Eurostat, households in all EU countries spent 128 billion euros on alcohol in 2021.

alcohol drinks
Beeld: ©Pexels

Spending on alcohol is still high in Poland, but Poles are betting more often on quality, not quantity. An important alcoholic beverage in terms of consumption is vodka, considered as a beverage consumed to celebrate important events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversary gatherings, although it is increasingly being displaced by whiskey. Poles are increasingly turning to wine. The popularity of beer is slowly but consistently declining, but interest in the non-alcoholic beer segment has been growing for several years.  In general, there is an increase in interest in non-alcoholic equivalents of wine and gin, although in the case of the latter the supply in Poland is still quite low.

Among EU member states, Latvia (5.0%), Estonia (4.7%), Poland (3.7%), Lithuania and the Czech Republic (3.6% each) had the highest share of total consumer spending on alcoholic beverages in 2021. By contrast, the lowest were in Greece and Italy (1.0%), the Netherlands (1.3%) and Spain (1.4%). In 2021, compared to the previous year, the share of household spending on alcohol remained unchanged in 10 EU countries. These are Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It increased only in Croatia.

Source: Portal Spożywczy