Dutch bakery ingredient producer Zeelandia sets to invest € 800,000 in 2023 in Romania

Zeelandia Romania, the local subsidiary of the Dutch group with the same name, plans to invest € 800,000 in 2023, including green energy.

“We plan to cover the entire production and warehousing hall with solar panels, so that we should be able to generate a large part of consumed energy ourselves. Then, there will be investments to continue retooling, boosting employee safety and digitalization. For next year, we have earmarked investments of over € 800,000,” said Ovidiu Bocaniciu, managing director of Zeelandia Romania.

He added that the biggest challenge for 2023 would be related to macro-economic stability and then supply chain reshuffling.

In Romania, Zeelandia activity started in 1998, with the acquisition of Poland’s group Superbake, including the local subsidiary. Initially, Zeelandia had a plant in Bucharest, but subsequently invested EUR 3 million in another plant, in Iasi. In Iasi, the company has around 100 employees.

The manager says 2022 was more difficult than 2021, on the Ukraine war and supply chain inconsistency, as well as soaring energy prices.

“Nevertheless, we reach a similar profitability level and turnover rose significantly. We expect RON 73 million turnover for 2022”. [1EUR =approx. 5RON]

In 2021, Zeelandia had RON 61.4 million turnover and RON 2.9 million net profit.

Source: www.zfenglish.com