FoodTechIndonesia - Celebrating 4 years of partnership successes

Within the FoodTechIndonesia partnership, the Netherlands and Indonesia have been working together to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector since 2019. The FoodTechIndonesia consortium comprises leading complementary (non-competitive) parties from various steps in the poultry value chain, which enables to provide Indonesian companies with integrated solutions. 

FoodTechIndonesia has been initiated and coordinated by Larive International and its Indonesia-based affiliate Clarity Research. The consortium includes Aeres Training Centre International, Royal De Heus, DSM Nutritional Products, Hato, Kanters Special Products, Marel Poultry, Mavitec, Moba, Royal Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition and Van Aarsen. 

Key highlights

Demonstration farms

The realization of broiler and layer demonstration farms, to showcase how Dutch solutions and products can support poultry sector development in Indonesia, is an integral part of the partnerships’ activities.

In the past four years, the consortium upgraded an existing open broiler farmhouse in Sleman, Central Java to a closed farmhouse by implementing Dutch solutions, fitting to local conditions. The results of this localized demonstration farm were astonishing with an improvement in the Production Efficiency Index (technical performance) of over 30%. Moreover, the partnership finalized the installation of the demonstration layer farm in Magelang (Central Java).

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Knowledge transfer & local capacity building

Besides the implementation of hardware, technical assistance and  broiler and layer management training programs have been offered to the demonstration farmhouse operators. The technical assistance and training program provided the farm staff with the required theoretical and practical knowledge to apply best farming practices.  

To support sustainable sector development throughout the sector, the partnership also provided extensive training programs for breeding and hatchery managers.

During plenary field visits, meetings with public and private stakeholders in Indonesia and round table & networking sessions, the partnership was able to share experiences, expertise and solutions to establish an enabling environment for sector development.


Final activities FoodTechIndonesia – Impact Tour &  ILDEX Indonesia 2022

This partnership was initiated in 2019, however, it was built on the successes of the FoodTechIndonesia project that ran from 2013-2016.  Last week, the partnership on their final impact tour, including capacity-building field visits and meetings, combined with exhibiting at the ILDEX Indonesia 2022. The end of almost a decade of a strong Dutch-Indonesian collaboration aimed at working together to strengthen the Indonesian value chain.

Royal De Heus, DSM Nutritional Products, Hato, Fancom, Kanters Special Products, Marel Poultry, Mavitec, Moba, MS Gold, Royal Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition and Van Aarsen joined the Netherlands  pavilion ILDEX 2022 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition building in BSD, Tangerang for 3 days.

On Thursday, 10th November a round table session was held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition. The main topics of this round table session are about the views on the Indonesian poultry sector in 2030. How to move the Indonesian poultry sector forward?, funding Indonesian poultry sector investments - Access to capital and the opportunities for increased domestic ingredients supply.

From the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Rofii, S.Pt. as Head of Poultry Production Section, Sub Directorate of Poultry and Various Livestock delivered a detailed explanation of the overview of national poultry performance and future prospect. Followed by the speakers from FoodTech Indonesia's members; Nabil Chinniah as The General Manager of DSM Indonesia, Kay de Vreese as The President Director of De Heus Indonesia, Wully Wahyuni as Country General Manager of Trouw Nutrition Indonesia, Bettina Cavenagh as Director Clarity Research Indonesia. The round table session itself was chaired by Matthias Brienen, the Director of Larive International.


FoodTechIndonesia is a public-private partnership in cooperation with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia.

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For more information, contact : Matthias Brienen, / +316 471 329 57