TTADDA Team: Live Meetings Essential in Partnerships with Japan

The Dutch TTADDA team visited Japan last summer, meeting up face-to-face for the first time with their counterparts in Japan since the TTADDA project was launched in 2020. The visit helped to strengthen the commitment to continue building a solid network of Dutch and Japanese partners working on the transition to a high tech-driven, circular agriculture to boost the productivity for a data-driven potato production system in the Netherlands as well as in Japan.

A bilateral consortium consisting of NARO, imec OnePlanet, Solynta, FME, NTT, Wageningen Research and Kubota joined hands in the project on The ‘Transition Towards a Data driven Agriculture - for a new Dutch & Japanese Potato Circular Value Chain’ (in short TTADDA). Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic video conferencing and e-mail communication were for long the only means to exchange ideas and results between the consortium partners. Still they managed to carry out field experiments and collect data in both countries.

However, the consortium members found that nothing beats on site visits and live discussions. Visits to Hokkaido’s potato fields, for example, brought home the differences in the soil characteristics between Japan and The Netherlands affecting the cultivation of potatoes. And interaction as a project team produced fruitful exchange of views on the research challenges formulated in the TTADDA project.

The TTADDA project will run through 2023.

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